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Founder and CEO of Pisco & Co

Alexandra Pisco

SBM: Alexandra Pisco
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Alexandra started her career as a designer following her studies at Parsons in New York. Wanting to learn about the business side, she worked in sales at Chanel. She then went on to Promostyl and was fascinated by socio-cultural trends and how they affect the consumer. She worked in the sector for ten years as a Trend and Design consultant. As Director of Maisons de Mode from 2008 to 2016, she built an incubator and accelerator program that grew to become a best practices model. In 2017, Alexandra founded Pisco & Co.: consulting, advising, and creating programs specialised in the development of emerging and independent fashion brands. She has worked with organisations such as MBFW Madrid, ACME, MAD Brussels, WBDM, D3, Fashion Council Germany, and the European Fashion Alliance, and is currently developing the PINTU Incubator in Jakarta. She also serves as a consultant for MEAdvisors, an investment advisory firm. Alexandra acts as a conduit between the worlds of business, craft, and creativity, having been part of each of these industries. She remains a staunch defender and promoter of independent fashion.