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WORTH Partnership Project

Anna Maria Stein


Anna Maria is an Of Counsel based in Milan and she joined our firm in the Commercial and IP department in 2021. 

She deals with issues relating to trademarks, patents, models, designations of origin, competition, know-how, copyright and antitrust both in and out of the courts. She has also developed considerable experience in contracts for the assignment of rights of economic use and agency and distribution relations.

She likes to work in international environments where she has developed a remarkable ability to work in teams, cooperating with large European law firms.

Her thorough preparation and ability to assess risks allows her to give concrete and timely answers, anticipating problematic situations.

Due to her personal and professional skills, Anna Maria is at ease in the management of litigation where speed, dialectics and determination can make all the difference.

In recent years, Anna Maria has been following European Community calls for tenders for support to SMEs in innovation and digitization.

She is member of the Italian group on trademarks AIPPI, International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property. She is member of the executive committee of LES Italy.

The workshop: Intellectual Property and the Digital World: a new challenge?

New technologies and digitalisation have brought new challenges in the field of Intellectual Property. A journey from “conventional” Intellectual Property as inventions, artworks, trademarks, logos to “unconventional” Intellectual Property as digital artworks, NFTs, sounds, memes, GIFs.