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Designer, Product developer and Business Mentor

Annette Lennerup

Annette Lennerup
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Annette Lennerup boasts over 20 years of extensive experience in the fashion industry. Having pursued her education at the London College of Fashion in London, specializing in fashion design, she established Annette Lennerup Consultancy, focusing on the intricate relationship between fashion and production trends.

Over the past decade, Annette has dedicated her expertise to assisting start-up and small fashion brands, guiding them through the industry and facilitating the transition from design to production. With a remarkable background in creating exceptional designs and tech packs, identifying suitable manufacturers, and effectively communicating with them, she has successfully enabled numerous start-ups to achieve their goals, much like she did with her own womenswear label.

Annette's illustrious international career encompasses invaluable experiences working with large corporations and small startups, as well as running her own creative business. Throughout her journey, she has formed close collaborations with various small creative businesses, providing them with invaluable support, guidance, and advice.

Having learned from both successes and mistakes, Annette has honed a remarkable skill set that she now imparts as a mentor to start-up fashion brands and creative entrepreneurs. Her wealth of knowledge and practical expertise enriches her mentorship, empowering her clients to thrive and flourish in the fashion industry.