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WORTH Partnership Project
Comunicat de presă10 octombrie 2019Agenția Executivă pentru Consiliul European pentru Inovare și IMM-uri

20 projects presented for the first time at Dutch Design Week

Worth Partnership Project: The first incubator where creativity meets innovation.

20 projects presented for the first time at Dutch Design Week

Wearable devices, IOT design and fashion products, processes for product customization,
green and sustainable solutions: a concrete demonstration of how innovation,
and transnational partnerships can form the basis of Europe’s future

19-27th of October 2019 – Dutch Design Week 2019
 VEEM second floor – Torenallee 86-02, Eindhoven

20 highly innovative projects, 58 transnational partners, 18 European countries involved: for the first time during Dutch Design Week at VEEM the projects of the winners of the first call of the WORTH Partnership Project will be exhibited, an initiative financed by the COSME programme of the European Union that promotes creativity, innovation and internationalization.

“In line with the objectives of the European Union, WORTH Partnership Project is the first virtual incubator that focuses on the combination of creativity and innovation, is a unique opportunity offered to designers, SMEs and start-ups to develop their knowledge, thanks to a community of international experts and professionals from the world of design, fashion and ICT. One year after the selection of the first winners, we are proud to be able to present the first projects and to launch the opening of the third call at the most important international event for design, which will result in another 60 projects,” explains Korina Molla, Project Coordinator of the WORTH Partnership Project.

Closing of the 3 call – October 31st 2019

Dutch Design Week will be closing the 3rd call in which creatives, designers, artisans, startups, tech companies and PMIs from all over Europe and COSME countries searching for new opportunities to develop ideas and concepts with a high degree of innovation and integration among technology and design can candidate themselves.

WORTH Partnership Project aims to encourage the development of innovative products related to the world of creativity through the creation of transnational partnerships between designers and SMEs, supporting a total of 150 partnerships over the 4-year project. The selected partnerships will receive benefits of around €60,000, consisting of basic financial support, personalized coaching and mentoring by international specialists and experts, support in access to finance and market positioning, as well as advice on the protection of intellectual property, and the opportunity to participate in networking activities and two international events in which to showcase their projects.

During Dutch Design Week 2019, the protagonists of the partnerships that won the first call will have the opportunity to show the successes and progress of their products, tell their story and share a new way of doing innovative design based on international collaboration.



Paramatrix is a b2b service able to provide companies with the design and implementation of a micro-factory to offer its customers furnishings, for example a chair, with a strong customization ability, made through an interactive manufacturing system based on a matrix of textile sensors and a small production unit on demand. the result will be a customized chair, based on the characteristics of the person of reference.



AdBuse’s design, Castellari’s manpower and GeoBand’s innovation have led to the creation of Edbora: a new collection of bags where tradition and technology come together in a perfect union. Made of ecological leather, the bags are equipped with a removable geolocalization with a security system, in case the bag is forgotten or stolen, and a panic button for the safety of every woman.



The aim of this partnership has been to create clothing that respects the environment. For this reason, the fabrics chosen were made by combining of innovative materials and elements printed in 3D with specific properties capable of capturing the CO2 of the atmosphere.


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