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WORTH Partnership Project
News article10 December 2018European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency1 min read



One of the main objectives of the WORTH Partnership Project is to encourage and facilitate cross-boarder collaborations between various sectors within the creative industry in an effort to establish partnerships that include cross-disciplinary factors, creating innovative products and services that have never been seen before. With applicants coming from a vast number of COSME European-countries with backgrounds in design, manufacturing or technology, the end products that are being developed by winning partnerships are a result of an amazing blend of culture, specialisation and collaboration.

We believe that encouraging this way of working is the path towards a more sustainable and positive future for the creative industry within Europe but also the world as a whole. This is a concept that is not exclusive to with WORTH Partnership Project however, and it is a very prominent movement occurring within the creative industry. It can be seen through designers teaming together to produce limited edition collections of revolutionary fashion or tech firms collaborating with designers to establish products of great beauty that can also benefit our lives through innovative functions. 

All of our amazing winning partnerships include collaborations between vastly different partners that have come together to create unique and innovative outcomes. This can be seen in the partnership of Adbuse + Geoband Geoband + Castellari for example. Adbuse from Spain specialises in unique leather bags, Geo Band who are also from Spain are a technology company that creates wearables and hardware and Castellari from Italy operate in the leather-working market. They have come together to create a collection of bags called Edbora which merges together traditional crafting techniques with modern tracking technologies. What this demonstrates is how well-established companies can come together and share their knowledge and skills to create something truly unique and innovative. 

With the movement of the fourth industrial revolution, the desire to create and innovate is more prominent than ever and we believe that the key to successfully inventing something that is original and beneficial to the end user is through an exchange of ideas and skills through collaboration.  

Image: Adbuse + Geoband Geoband + Castellari


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10 December 2018
European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency
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