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Presseartikel18. Juni 2018Europäische Exekutivagentur für den Innovationsrat und für KMU



WORTH has been captivated by the inspirational creative business adviser, trainer and management consultant David Parrish. His dedication to assisting entrepreneurs to grow and establish creative businesses around the world is a cause that is extremely important to the WORTH Partnership Project, especially regarding the up and coming talent from the winning projects.

It is with his guidance and expertise that rising talent within the creative industry can establish themselves and ensure the future of the industry. “Crucially, it is not a compromise between creativity and business – it’s a matter of getting the best of both worlds.” – David Parrish, “British guru in the creative enterprise sphere”, quoted online alongside Richard Branson, Madonna, Felix Dennis and Edward de Bono.

David informs and inspires creative businesses around the world through his highly-acclaimed keynote speeches, training workshops, management consultancy advice and books. He assists creative entrepreneurs through providing advice and assistance that he has learned through his own personal experiences within the creative industry and through his own research and studies.

“My approach to business development combines the creative personality [“the T-Shirt”] with smart business thinking [“the Suit”]. I call this approach ‘T-Shirts and Suits’. ‘T-Shirts and Suits’ is my way of thinking, my profession and my mission.

He has dedicated himself to sharing what he has learned during his life and his time as an accredited business adviser, trainer and management consultant. “I have learnt from my own experience in business how we can combine creativity with business to achieve the success we want. I just love helping entrepreneurs around the world to be the best they can be by using smart business techniques that fit with their values and objectives.” – David Parrish. Speaker, Consultant, Trainer and Writer on Creativity and Business

Find out more aboure David Parrish through his website here.

Image: www.davidparrish.com


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18. Juni 2018
Europäische Exekutivagentur für den Innovationsrat und für KMU
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