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WORTH Partnership Project
News article18 August 2020European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency1 min read



Modern parents are rethinking their purchase habits. Determined to give their sons and daughters the best they can afford, they will pay a premium for the right products and services. They are willing to spend more on healthier and safer items and products and services that save them time and enable them to create memorable experiences, making the most of precious time amid their busy lives. The new generations of European designers know this well and are exploring interactions, technology and high-performance materials to create innovative products for children within the WORTH Partnership Project.

“Childhood is increasingly a privileged target for businesses that recognize children as tomorrow’s consumers, as well as interlocutors who can already influence family choices”, underlines Korinna Mollá , coordinator of the implementing team of WORTH Partnership Project, which adds “the spread of digital devices, the evolution of technology in all fields (including textiles), together with the increased interactivity are redefining the relationship between learning, information and knowledge. With the advent of the digital revolution and the Internet of Things, the interest and concrete value-adding potential for such materials and products has grown dramatically, which has stimulated designers to reinterpret children’s products.”

Socks “to be read” to have fun with thanks to augmented reality, soft and interactive puppets to help children activate stimulation of senses and develop social awareness, innovative toys between electronics and textile engineering, experiential and smart clothes for the little ones or garments designed specifically to help premature babies and their parents: to discover more about the future of the design for children don’t miss WALKYTALKIES, WEARABLE PLAY, TTorch, PreemieCme, WEAR-ABOUTS and SPELLBOUND projects. Creativity has no limits!


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18 August 2020
European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency
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