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WORTH Partnership Project
Sajtócikk2018. október 16.Európai Innovációs Tanács és Kkv-ügyi Végrehajtó Ügynökség



In our lifetime we have witnessed an incredible boom in technical advancements, and most prominent in recent years, advancements in wearable technology.

‘Wearable technology’ is a broad term that defines any technology that can be worn on the body. This includes a vast range of products from the extremely popular smart watch, activity tracking devices and Bluetooth headphones, but it also includes up-and-coming products such as web-enabled glasses.

Although the development of these products has always been part of the design and technology industry, we have come to a point in history where the purpose of these objects is changing. There is now a focus on creating something that has a purpose of improving our lives, and not just creating something because it has never been made before.

Who knew that in our lifetime we would see some of the products that are currently being developed by WORTH Partnership Project winners such as Vulpes + Mobel Sport who are developing and manufacturing a shirt/jacket with thermo-regulated properties for outdoor usage or NRGSYS + SyNRG Software & IT Solutions who are developing the first jewel to incorporate the technology that enables it to change colour.

These advancements are being encouraged through WORTH in the hopes that the future of technology is positive with designers and tech firms considering where each product will end up and if it will be of benefit.

Image: Vulpes + Mobel Sport


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2018. október 16.
Európai Innovációs Tanács és Kkv-ügyi Végrehajtó Ügynökség
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