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WORTH Partnership Project
News article24 September 2020European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency



Every year in the European Union, 2.5 billion tons of waste are produced, this data shows how the transition to a circular economy is very necessary. Extending the life cycle of products, in fact, can help reduce waste by generating additional value from something that already exists.

“Fully embracing the concept of circular economy and recognizing its growing importance, we have selected for the second call of WORTH Partnership Project several creative projects that aim to reuse existing and normally discarded products and materials – about 30% of projects addresses any challenge related to circular economy and resources efficiency – such as fishing nets or waste materials from the food industry, and create new ones that have a low impact on the environment, with the focus on design, personal taste and consumer needs.” underlines Korinna Mollá, coordinator of the implementing team of WORTH Partnership Project.

The European designers selected within the WORTH Partnership Project, funded by the European Commission, have created some incredible products with the aim to find new solutions to protect the planet: swimsuits created using “environmentally friendly” yarns that protect the environment and the health of the wearer (OCEANWEAR) and materials born from the reuse of abandoned fishing nets to create unique and exclusive bags (THE GHOST BAG). But that’s not all: WORTH designers also devised wooden wall coverings that give new life to discarded materials when trees are cut down (PINESKINS SOFT WALL TILES), second-hand sneakers reinvented thanks to the use of new and natural materials such as cork (SOLE SUSTAINABILITY) and contemporary jewellery created through the combination of materials born from food industry waste with others such as gold, silver, tissue paper and coal (HOLLOW: A LIE STORY). Design embraced the circular economy: the revolution has started!


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24 September 2020
European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency
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