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Artikkel22. november 2018Euroopa Innovatsiooninõukogu ja VKEde Rakendusamet



One of the most important aspects of the modern creative industry is communication via the internet and of course social media. This movement towards a more online world is giving smaller start-up businesses and SMEs the opportunity to be discovered amongst an industry of giant companies that would otherwise take over the market.

One of those resources that we at WORTH continue to follow to stay up to date with fashion industry news and events is The Fashion Insider, which is an online publication that brings together the latest from fashion news, beauty, style and fashion videos.

The website was founded in 2006 by television producer and known fashion critic Marcellous L. Jones, during the Paris ready-to-wear fashion week. As well as all of covered topics, the website also features an encyclopaedia of the world’s greatest supermodels of all times from the 1940’s until today.

Why WORTH is inspired by the work of this webmag is because it provides extensive coverage of names in fashion that span from high-end designers and celebrity news, but also up and coming talent and start-ups from Paris, Milan, London, Athens, Poland, the Ukraine, Serbia and more. In April 2008, TheFashionInsider.com became the first online publication to launch high-profile, print magazine-style fashion spreads with the top names in the fashion industry.

TheFashionInsider.com is much more than just an online magazine, it is a division of MLJ MEDIA, LLC., a fashion and public relations consulting firm. MLJ MEDIA, LLC. is also the parent company of Fashion Insider TV, which produces television programs including Fashion Insider, Men’s Fashion Insider, and many more.

Take a look at their website to make sure you stay up to date with fashion industry events, new collections, fashion news, fashion history, fashion videos and much more.

Discover The Fashion Insider through their website here.


22. november 2018
Euroopa Innovatsiooninõukogu ja VKEde Rakendusamet
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