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Through the WORTH Partnership Program, the winning partnership was established between Angela Ciobanu, a contemporary jewelry designer who experiments with unconventional materials to establish unexpected products. She paired up with Innovarty, expert manufactures of textile based materials, including non-woven with technical features.

The duo has come together to establish “Hollow. A Lie Story”, a series of contemporary jewelry objects which aim to trespass the generally accepted idea that a piece that jewelry should be just an adornment for the body. We were fortunate to be able to interview them to find out how they are responding to the movements in innovation in their own individual way:

What is your personal definition of innovation?

Angela Ciobanu: a shift of emphasis which leads to new, enhanced solutions that respond to existing problems

Innovarty: create something new, improve or renew processes or products

What led you to your project idea?

Angela Ciobanu: Having at its core something that is for many times repulsive and perceived as a taboo, the addictions – of any kind, material or ideatic – “HOLLOW. A lie story” is a series of contemporary jewellery objects that aim to trespass the generally accepted idea that a piece of jewellery should be just an adornment for the body. The result is the opposite of repulsive, something that is at the same time aesthetic and fragile.

Innovarty: know new ways and cultures to innovate

How do you think your industry sector will grow in the coming years?

Angela Ciobanu: We are already experiencing important perspective shifts with regard to working practices or production technologies. The public is, fortunately, increasingly concerned about sustainability, environment protection or fair trade. At the same time, there is a growing interest shown by the creative industries in technological innovation, and we are witnessing new creative approaches, where technology represents not only a necessary element of the production, but stands at the very core of the design process. However, as a counterpoint to the overwhelming presence of tech innovation, we can see a comeback of traditional crafts and production techniques.

Innovarty: will depend a lot on the capacity for innovation and adaptation to the present

What do you hope to gain through your time with WORTH?

Angela Ciobanu: Taking part in WORTH Project will give me the chance to take my work in a direction I have never explored before, having a valuable technological input from experienced engineers. Nevertheless, it will enable me to exchange ideas with creatives coming from different backgrounds, to look at existing problems from new angles and, thus, to try to come up with innovative solutions.

Innovarty: because nowadays the design process is also linked to the production process and we must take advantage of all the advantages it offers us.

Find out more about the Angela Ciobanu + Innovarty project here.


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