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WORTH Partnership Project
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Through the WORTH Partnership Program, the winning partnership was established between Coco&Rico, a small fashion manufacturer that works with the entire production process using 100% local materials that are environmentally and ethically friendly. They paired up with Rosalba Romano, a designer at Reves Societa Cooperativa Sociale, a company that offers creative and occupational paths to people in need through social tailoring projects that recycles textile and tailors them, with the aim of creating a multidimensional social enterprise.

The two enterprises have paired up to establish their project titled ‘TWILL’ which aims to test a new and innovative workplace for garment assembly that allows small workshops/ateliers to scale up production while maintaining the team dynamics and collaboration. We interviewed the partnership to find out more about how they are addressing the issue of sustainable manufacturing and what the future looks like for an environmentally conscious industry.

What led you to your project idea?

Coco&Rico: two main ascertainment: The first one was that our supply chain management (having the machines in line) didn’t fit into our company spirit, which is bringing back the humanity into fashion production. The second one was that our supply chain management was the same as Mass Retail, even if we were completely opposite, so we had to adapt the process to the new production trend of sustainability.

Rosalba Romano: it was a proposal of the main partner and it was very interesting to us

How do you think your industry sector will grow in the coming years?

Coco&Rico: Fashion is the Industry that, in France for example, brings more money than Cars and Planes! 40B flows into France every year alone, this is one of the biggest sectors in the market. But because of those awful tragedies, such as Rana Plaza, we had to put a warning, stop, breath and start re thinking it. How to turn this industry into a sustainable one? Consumers are more and more aware of the impact of their purchases.

Rosalba Romano: we think that the textile sector is in continuous development and change and that the ethical textile sector must be developed in the same way.

What do you think the future trends are?

Coco&Rico: Well, thanks to this awareness, we can definitely see one trend emerging: consumers are looking for quality. Quality of the garment, obviously, but also high standard of ethical and green commitments. This is the main reason why we can see, in France, the growing wave of the “100% made in France”.

Rosalba Romano: Sustainable fashion, comfortable and cosy clothes, unconventional materials, Islamic fashion.

Find out more about the Coco&Rico + Rosalba Romano project here.


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2018. július 9.
Európai Innovációs Tanács és Kkv-ügyi Végrehajtó Ügynökség
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