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WORTH Partnership Project
Press release10 May 2021European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency2 min read


On May 11 and 12, WORTH Partnership Project – the largest creative incubator in Europe – presented “The Future of Creative Design”


On May 11 and 12, WORTH Partnership Project – the largest creative incubator in Europe – presented “The Future of Creative Design” the digital event that explored the themes of innovation, sustainability and collaboration as engines of success and competitiveness.

On May 11 and 12, WORTH Partnership Project – Europe’s largest creative incubator, gave voice to the designers and SMEs that have made creativity a real workhorse, an engine of change, with the event “The Future of Creative Design” that explored the future of design, fashion and lifestyle in general in the old continent. Participants presented a complete overview of the hottest topics at the moment, ideas but also practical solutions and successful case histories, thanks to the participation of leading figures from the international fashion & design world.

“Companies and designers operating in the creative sector, with their know-how and skills, are extremely valuable for the European economy. For this reason, their development must be supported and protected, and this is exactly what we have done in these 4 years at WORTH, promoting the development of cross-border collaborations with high creative and innovative potential. The attention to the most topical issues, the sharing of experiences and success stories are the keys that can guide the fashion, design and lifestyle sectors in general towards the future”. Korina Mollá, coordinator of the WORTH Partnership Project, explains. “With this event we wanted to showcase the results achieved by the partnerships of the project’s third call, giving voice to all the creatives and designers who have made creativity a driver towards the future. Since we strongly believe that collaboration and sharing are the key to the success of any creative enterprise, each of them illustrated their successes, vision and skills, in an effective creative dialogue that we hope will generate new ideas and opportunities.”

The event was an opportunity for WORTH to present 66 projects with a high rate of innovation, sustainability and inclusiveness. A series of live talks brought to life an exclusive digital showcase, showcasing projects that address the issues most on the agenda, such as sustainability and circular economy, digital manufacturing, use of high-performance materials, social innovation and craftsmanship 4.0.

On May 11, after the opening of the works by the European Commission and EIASME, Assaad Awad – designer with an international background, known for having created garments for stars such as Lady Gaga, introduced the theme of the past, present and future of craftsmanship. Then it was the turn of Carlo Ratti, director of the Senseable City Lab at MIT, who explored the theme of the future of the office as a cradle of creativity. On May 12, Richard van der Laken, CEO, co-founder and creative director of What Design Can Do, offered an overview on design and how it can help to overcome the current impasse, then it was the turn of János Keresnyei, an expert in creative business development, who offered participants some insights on the management of intangible assets.

Here you can watch the event with all the plenary conferences of the keynote speakers and the presentation of the projects.


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