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WORTH Partnership Project
News article18 December 2018European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency1 min read



At WORTH we are always observing movements in the creative industry as we are amongst a period of great change, not just through innovation, but also through intentions to create a more positive and sustainable future for the industry.

It can be observed that as demands of consumers are shifting towards more personalised and genuine products that are being manufactured by the creative industries, so too have the needs of designers and manufacturers that produce these goods.

What can be seen within all businesses as a whole, but particularly through the creative industry, is a movement towards a method of working that no longer solely relies on data and measurement, but on the contribution of creativity to establish exciting new products and services.

It has been said that the biggest contribution towards this higher regard for creativity is due to the increase in social media and the overall availability of products and services that previously lacked exposure. With so many things being readily available globally, consumers want to see new and innovative concepts to spark their interests and will not settle for imitations of what has already been.

From the fashion industry to architecture, technology or manufacturing, companies are trying to satisfy the new needs of customer who desire originality and personalisation. In order to answer these desires, companies are beginning to rely on a more personal approach rather than through data, which is creative minds that are in touch with the customers that are buying into the brand and how products can satisfy their needs.

What this means for creative entrepreneurs is that their role within enterprises of any size is fundamental and as new talent is being sought after more than ever, it is supporting the industry and employment worldwide.

This movement is in direct alignment with the aims of the WORTH Partnership Project and we are looking forward to the progress of this positive movement forward.


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18 December 2018
European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency
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