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WORTH Partnership Project
News article18 October 2018European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency2 min read



The WORTH Partnership Project is dedicated to supporting and assisting the growth of SMEs and start-ups within the design, fashion and technology industry with a determination to ensure the future of these industries within Europe, and to ensure that future is progressive and has a high regard for sustainability.

Through the amazing selection of WORTH Partnership Project winners of the first call we are seeing projects which are both innovative and creative, but also stand to better society and better people’s lives; whether it be through the partnership of Madesign + fablab +BCN who are developing DYNABACK which aims to relieve back pain by providing a non-invasive solution to monitor the curvature of the spine or Jessica Smarsch + Vention + Leuven University who are developing a wearable device which combines movement with sound and visual pattern-making to improve the rehabilitation process for stroke patients. The project of Skarabeos + Stretchable Circuits can also be appreciated for increasing a sense of security through their alarm-protected bag connected to an app service. Each WORTH project is contributing positively to enrich our lives and in turn creating new opportunities for growth within the EU creative industry.
We live in a world that is full of consumer products that are produced with the sole purpose of appealing to consumer culture.

The progression of mentality however is steering away from this mass-produced and unsustainable method of designing and producing, leading the way to a new age which sees the creation of products that are designed to benefit the world, are manufactured in a way that considers all stages of the design process without harming the environment or its resources. This in turn is establishing a future that is sustainable and will result in profits that are far more important than merely financial benefits.

It is when you view the importance of design in this way that you understand why it is crucial for us to facilitate the new wave of designers, thinkers and creators who are, and will continue to make advancements towards a better future. Through the WORTH Partnership Project we facilitate the process from the conception of an idea through to the production of products that have the potential to change the world.

If you are a designer, maker or technology firm that could benefit from the financial and mentor support of the WORTH Partnership Project, now is your time to apply and open yourself up to a world of opportunities.

Image: Skarabeos + Stretchable Circuits


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18 October 2018
European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency
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