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WORTH Partnership Project
News article23 October 2018European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency1 min read



To the uninformed eye, fashion and technology appear to be polar opposites, however when observed over the past decade, it can be seen that the contribution of technological advancements has amplified the progress of fashion in such a way that the industry is now evolving daily. Although some of the most relevant industry trends may not yet be everyday items that we wear, without us even noticing, fashion technology has become a part of our society. From 3D printing that is being embraced by fashion brands from start-ups to high end designers such as Chanel. 

We are also seeing constant uses of glow in the dark or light-up dresses which are lined with fiber optic LED lights which are gracing our red carpets and revolutionising the ideals of fashion and style. What excites us at worth is the way that fashion and technology are coming together at all levels of the market, and not just with large luxury companies that have the backing to utilise these advancements.

Through our very own WORTH Project we are seeing partnerships implementing and revolutionising a blend of fashion and technology practices.

This can be seen In the work of Adbuse + Geoband + Castellari who are developing a new collection of bags where tradition meets technology with tracking abilities. Sladana Mladenovic + Jasna Rokegem + Yaskravo LLC SIMO AR who are developing a smart dress which can be recognised and physically changed with the use of a smart phone and WAAG Society + Noumena + Primlab who are creating a garment partially made out of textiles and out of 3D printed elements. 

Through these examples it is easy to see how technology is disrupting the fashion industry, but when embraced by creative minds and fashion designers, we believe this is a positive step towards the future. Items that for the moment are only available to a minority of society will soon be accessible to the masses and we hope we can facilitate this growth with a respect to tradition and sustainability.   

Image: Adbuse + Geoband + Castellari


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23 October 2018
European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency
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