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WORTH Partnership Project
Novinový článok21. januára 2020Výkonná agentúra pre Európsku radu pre inováciu a MSP



WORTH supports material research projects to keep improving the fashion industry, take a look at some projects that are making major progress in their development.


Taking inspiration from nature, this partnership between Mogu S.R.L (Italy) and Officina Corpuscoli (Netherlands), has developed a unique technology to grow novel materials, assimilable and alternative to traditional animal leather. Resonant with the rhythms of natural ecosystems, our products originate from renewable resources that are leftovers deriving from other production processes (i.e. circularity). Our materials are grown by means of fungal fermentation, without using or generating any toxic compound or waste. Starting from our biofabricated materials, we design and realize products suitable for everyday life and providing delightful and novel experiences to end users.

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A partnership former between Studio Plastique (Belgium) and Arcam Glass (France),  the common sands project aims to create a valid economic cycle for those currently “problematic” second cycle resources. Currently silicate residues from household appliances are not recycled. On the contrary they cause disturbance for the recycling of other materials. The main challenges for the project are the economic viability and the technical feasibility. Collaboration with relevant partners are key to overcome such challenges.

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The Traditional Futures project’s collection Materia Bruta bridges the gap between traditional crafts and confront them with the new craftsmanship of bioproduction. The partnership formed between Fab Lab BCN (Spain) and Surzhana Radnaeva (France)has as their goal that by the end of the year, Materia Bruta shall be the first commercially available capsule collection of the brand proposing modernised garments revolving around 3 main techniques: bacterial dyes, bacterial cellulose and algae based bioplastics. Growing and manufacturing techniques are based on open-source knowledge developed at IAAC. The institute acts as material developer and perform knowledge transfer from Spain to France to support the autonomy of craftsman through self production capacity.

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21. januára 2020
Výkonná agentúra pre Európsku radu pre inováciu a MSP
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