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Новинарска статия23 Февруари 2021 г.Изпълнителна агенция за Европейския съвет по иновациите и за МСП



The pandemic had a huge impact on the packaging of the products, knowing the principal trends in that field can be very useful to create something unique that may encounter the consumer’ taste. Let’s discover some of them!

Due to the current situation, many shoppers today find their default state to be stressed, that’s why, to restore a climate of confidence and optimism, many companies have adopted a reassuring language in their copy reducing, for example, the use of black and white. These times, soft colours can be a good choice.

In addition, as people today want to speed-up in store purchases, clear typography may be preferable as it’s easy to read from a distance. If the copy is easy to read, it will more easily attract the attention of the consumers and help them to speed up their shopping experience.

Last, but not least, let’s talk about personalization. This pandemic made the human relations disconnected and impersonal, but package design can help to fill this gap. Personalized packaging can help the consumer experience, making the unboxing unique. A simple tip: have you considered to include customers’ names in your packaging design?


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