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Articolo21 marzo 2019Agenzia esecutiva del Consiglio europeo per l’innovazione e delle PMI



We wish to promote the stimulating work of Re-FREAM, who are revolutionising the fashion industry by giving more people access to advanced information and facilities to help progress the sector as one.

Re-FREAM is an organization that offers the fashion industry new production technologies in order to re-think the future of the sector. This is achieved through researching novel concepts in a collaborative way between scientists, researches, artists and designers.

They are currently looking for artists and designers to co-create innovative fashion concepts together with researchers using novel production technology. Artists and designers from all over the world are welcome to submit their proposals in order to be awarded with the benefits of their program.

Awarded artists will have access to co-creation spaces with facilitation services, project management and a technology pool. All three areas aim to boost art-inspired innovation and 3D printed fashion. Artists are given access to state-of-the-art technology, introduced to a new and growing community of fashionista-innovators, and support your project with funding of up to € 55.000.

What Re-FREAM provides fashion artists and designers with an extraordinary opportunity to have access to an unknown world: new spaces, new materials, new processes, new professional profiles. They bring together the expertise of both scientists and designers giving them both the benefits of learning and growing together professionally.

Re-FREAM allows co-creation of scientists and artists by offering facilitation services, access to know-how and technologies as well as mentoring which catapults the progress of the industry as a whole into a new phase of cutting-edge modernity.

The call will be opened from 7th of March to 30th of May (3pm). For more about their work through their website here.


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