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WORTH Partnership Project
News article19 March 2019European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency1 min read



The WORTH Weekend Valencia took place at the beginning of this month and was a greatly successful two-day event packed with amazing content and a congregation of creatives within the European creative industry.

The weekend comes after the success of the second call closure which resulted in 183 candidate partnerships, out of which 85 were shortlisted and selected to pitch their projects at WORTH Weekend, which was the main focus of the event.

The event took place in the fascinating setting of the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia, and was also jam-packed with other events such as the 25 winners of the first WORTH call showing the successes and progress of their products for the first time, telling their own experience and sharing with the public a new way of doing innovative design based on transnational collaboration.

During the weekend there were also a number of informative conferences held on industry topics, such as: “The new generation of biomaterials and its union with technology and design”, “3D printing fashion”, “Intellectual property rights”, “Positioning and brand identity. Brand storytelling and content ” and ” How to be a successful creative entrepreneur” among others, by renowned experts in the world of fashion, design, communication and business.

At the end of the weekend, the winners of the British Council Award were elected as the best sustainable project: Tauko (Finland) and Rutiks OÜ (Estonia) + Mayya Saliba (The Netherlands), Lena The Fashion Library (The Netherlands) and Greenbuzz (Germany). The award was given to the best sustainable fashion project presented within the framework of the second WORTH project call which will provide the winner with the opportunity to train in one of the world’s leading design and fashion institutions, based in the United Kingdom. In addition, participants will be able to attend European meetings organised by the British Council in Spain, Greece and France, and present their work at these meetings of professionals.

The weekend resulted in the Steering Board selecting 65 winning partnerships involving 150 participants from 25 countries for the Second round of the WORTH Partnership Project: 29 in the fashion/textile sector, 7 in footwear, 5 in accessories, 19 in furniture/home decoration, 4 in jewellery and 1 in leather.


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19 March 2019
European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency
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