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News article29 June 2021European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency1 min read



Sustainability is a topic that we are likely to hear more and more about. Investigating the potential impacts of your product can help you to create products that are functional and successful. In addition, consumers will become increasingly aware of and attentive to over the years, especially when making purchases. For this reason, it is something you should definitely not forget to evaluate when working on the launch of a brand or product.

The latest report by Gfk, Europanel and Kantar, for example, reveals that by 2025, over 40% of consumers will adjust their buying behavior to be more environmentally-sustainable. Keeping that in mind is important because it will allow you to create new business opportunities.

How to make a product sustainable in the most effective way? Let’s discover 5 basic effective tips you may not have thought of yet!

Keep it local – Locally-sourced materials can help to decrease the emissions generated by transportation and the related costs. Air shipments, for example, should be avoided when it’s possible.

Make it simple – Try to make the packaging of your product the simplest as possible, for example reducing the amount of materials used (no additional wrapping if it isn’t needed). In addition, try to use recycled or biodegradable materials to deliver your product. The final user will appreciate that!

Create it durable & recyclable – When choosing the materials to create your product, try to select some that will promote its durability and longer use. Selecting materials that can be easily recycled could also be a good idea.

Think multifunctional – When working on your product’ design, try to create something that can be used for multiple purposes, or in different ways. That will allow your customers to do multiple things with just one single product, and we are sure they’ll appreciate the concept.

Communicate – We are sure your product concept’ is amazing, but you’ll have to tell your customers what are doing to increase its sustainability, You can do so, for example, by adding a label or a dedicated card that explains your commitment for the environment in a simple yet effective way.

We hope we have provided you with useful hints; if you are in search of inspiration just remember that many WORTH’s projects worked on sustainability & circular economy concepts. You can take a look to all of them on WORTH’ website!


Publication date
29 June 2021
European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency
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