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Novinový článok22. marca 2021Výkonná agentúra pre Európsku radu pre inováciu a MSP



Bamboo, a tree-like member of the Poaceae family, can be found in Asia, but it is also able to grow in countries like Africa, Australia and more. It is incredibly versatile and it can be used in various ways. Humans have eaten it for thousands of years, also using it for building. But why it is considered sustainable?

Cotton normally requires 2,700 litres of water to produce one t-shirt, while bamboo requires very little water, and it also grows exceptionally fast, requiring little maintenance to farm. Pesticides are not required because bamboo self-regenerates from its roots. It is a strong plant and can be used to create an impressive number of things: from flouring to furniture and to tableware …and it can also be turned into fabric!

Last but not least, to be considered completely sustainable, bamboo has to be grown responsibly, for example growing it on degraded lands instead of clearing forests. The environment must always be respected!


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22. marca 2021
Výkonná agentúra pre Európsku radu pre inováciu a MSP
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