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WORTH Partnership Project
News article31 March 2020European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency1 min read



The results for the preselected third call projects are finally in! We are excited to announce that after a careful evaluation by our qualified steering board members and the hard work and dedication of 227 partners from over 32 EU COSME countries, we have narrowed it down to 97 projects that have the potential to go forward after their presentation at Worth Week 2020 in Valencia. Among them the selected winners are 62 and 8 partnerships are in reserved list (scroll down to discover all)

Geographical Coverage

Project submissions: Out the more than 32 EU countries involved in the submission process, the countries that represented the largest part of the project submissions were Italy, at 17,6% while and Germany (8,8%), Spain (9,3%) and the Netherlands (9,1%) came in right after.

Project finalists: The countries that had their final projects go through were Italy with 42 finalists and Germany, Spain and the Netherland coming in right after with 24, 23, and 21 third call finalists.

Sectorial Coverage

The most represented segment this call we saw out of 64 2-member partnerships and 33 3-member partnerships were the textile and furniture/home decoration industry with 51 and 26 projects. Among the other the finalists we had 14 accessory projects, 3 partnerships from the jewellery sector, 2 footwear projects and 1 project idea in the leather segment.

 Challenges addressed

As innovation is the pinnacle of what the WORTH project is all about the projects submitted addressed challenges ranging from the circular economy and resource efficiency (29,90%), smart/high performance materials (27,83%), reinventing craftsmanship/heritage preservation (15,46%), high value added solutions for attractive growth markets (11,34%), rethinking social innovation and inclusion (11,34%), Advanced digitized manufacturing/ value chains and business models (4,12%).


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31 March 2020
European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency
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