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WORTH Partnership Project
Naujienų straipsnis2019 m. sausio 10 d.Europos inovacijų tarybos ir MVĮ reikalų vykdomoji įstaiga



Here at WORTH we believe that every effort to assist the growth and future of the creative industry is a move in the right direction and when we work together great change can occur. We are therefore greatly inspired by the work of the Vienna Business Agency.

The Vienna Business Agency offers companies based in Vienna with a rounded range of opportunities from funding, advice, workshops and coaching for start-ups with their ability to also assist with searching for industrial space or office premises, contacts to potential partners in the technology scene or creative industries.

They currently have multiple programs that aim to assist both Austrian and international companies through funding, coaching and travel opportunities.

Vienna Calling: Creatives is one of their programs that aims to support Austrian and international companies in the creative industries that are developing new products, sales channels, services or processes in Vienna or in cooperation with a Viennese company. Providing them with 50% funding and 50% collaboration opportunities with a maximum funding amount of €150,000 per project, a minimum project size of €10,000 and a bonus for companies managed by women of €5,000

Eligible criteria: Creative-artistic quality of the project, positive effects on Viennese value creation, economic sustainability, adequate project planning, sufficient resources.

Applications must be submitted before the 30/06/2019.

For more information follow the link here.

Find out more about Vienna Business Agency through their website here.

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2019 m. sausio 10 d.
Europos inovacijų tarybos ir MVĮ reikalų vykdomoji įstaiga
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