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News article4 December 2018European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency1 min read



One of the biggest society advancements of the 21st century is undeniably technology. Gadgets and machines that were portrayed in fantasy films twenty years prior are now a part of our everyday lives. We have reached a point where anything is possible and every day new inventions to take humans into the next phase of innovation are becoming readily available, such as the developments in Virtual Reality.

Virtual reality or simple VR is the most immersive advancement of technology and can convince the human brain that it is in a completely different universe than the current one. The largest companies in the world are currently investing enormous amounts of money into virtual reality companies and start-ups that are developing these products which is giving smaller SMEs the opportunity to grow rapidly and share their innovative concepts with the world.

So what exactly is Virtual Reality?
Virtual Reality is a realistic three-dimensional image or artificial environment that is established through the mix of interactive hardware and software and appears in such a realistic way that the user is suspended in another sense of reality.

Although we may not be aware, there are examples of Virtual Reality that are available to the public today, these include gaming joysticks, tracking balls, data gloves, trackpads, motion trackers, treadmills and motion platforms to name a few.

Virtual Reality is also now being utilised to assist a number of fundamental sectors in our society from virtual training of surgery for studying doctors, military training to prepare soldiers for combat situations and aviation training that enables pilots to experience all aspects of a simulated flight as if it was real.

Through these uses, and many more to come, Virtual Reality will contribute positively towards a more advance and safe future. What inspires us is the thought of these items becoming a part of our everyday lives to improve them, rather than just being a novelty item which isn’t utilised to its fullest potential.


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4 December 2018
European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency
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