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News article31 January 2020European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency2 min read



This week we got to discover more about our fascinating ambassador from Serbia, Biljana Jović. She is a wealth of knowledge that is a professor of geometry and graphics and a landscape architect.

She has a wealth of studies that support her profound career. Through our interview we wanted to learn more about how this work is assisting Serbia’s creative industry and what are the problems facing the country.

How do you feel that your work is contributing to the progression of your countries’ creative industry and that of Europe as a whole?
Working with my students, here in Belgrade or around the world makes me feel that I’m doing the best I can to contribute to the progression of my country’s creative industry and that of Europe as a whole. Since knowledge is the same as happiness that it is multiplied only when you share it.

What is the most prominent challenge affecting your countries’ creative industry and how may you suggest overcoming this?
Competing instead of supporting is the main problem. The creative industry should be more supportive and in this way everything could change. All participants will gain better results in a cooperative and friendly atmosphere.

Do you feel it is important to sustain aspects of creativity in your country in regard to innovation, preservation of heritage values and ancient techniques?
It is more than important and all of us should work on this. Preservation of our local heritage, values and ancient techniques and at the same time promote it and share with each other.

What are some current events or initiatives you have taken part in and wish to promote further, what was your involvement in these?
I have Just got back from China where I had the honour of participating in the Asian Forum on Graphic Science as a member of the Program Committee after having been completely amazed with this Conference when I first attend it in August of 2017 in Tokyo, Japan as an ADMC finalist and i am really looking forward to next one AFGS.
I have been invited as a lecturer to the Arch College of Design and Business in Jaipur, India on September 15th to October 6th and the next event where I am going to participate in the Fashion Colloquia.
I find this event super interesting and my expectation of the results that will be gained over there are great. Beside that I’m also involved in the Program Committee of the International Conference on Geometry and Graphics.
This is an absolutely great conference and International Society for Geometry and Graphics is my favourite one where I have felt I belonged to from the beginning of my University career.


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31 January 2020
European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency
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