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WORTH Partnership Project
News article24 October 2019European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency2 min read



We’re proud to introduce ambassador Blanka Kolago-Szymczak, an established polish writerand activist with 10 years of experience in PR for professional services; law firms, executive search and private banking. With the goal of redefining what it means to live green, she covers the topics that matter in an intelligent and honest way, from sustainable fashion, conscious business, social justice, eco beauty, wellness to green technology. Throughout her interview we’ll go into detail about her current initiatives, and the challenges and importance of sustaining creative activity in her home country.

What is the most prominent challenge affecting your countries’ creative industry and how may you suggest overcoming this?

Poland has many talented innovators and designers. I would say we are as good as e.g. Danes but there is no big support from institutions and industry organizations to help develop ideas from the scratch. If one has no connections and strong will to do it themselves, thegreatest project won’t develop. We need to structure a network of engaged people and institutions following the example of WORTH to push it forward.

Creatives from Central-Eastern Europe do not feel confident enough to compete with their creative colleagues based in Western Europe (UK, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Netherlands) even though they have the skills and knowledge to prepare and develop a successful project idea. Therefore, we need to already introduce programs to build their confidence on an educational level.

Do you feel it is important to sustain aspects of creativity in your country in regard to innovation, preservation of heritage values and ancient techniques?
I see it as the only option for the future!

What are some current events or initiatives you have taken part in and wish to promote further, what was your involvement in these?

I’m engaged in the zero waste movement in Poland. There are more and more initiatives promoting ZW not only as an individual choice of living but the way of running businesses. Not long time ago I had a chance to moderate the panel with zero waste businesses at Zero Waste Festival in Cracow and was absolutely fascinated by those who are incorporating zero waste model in their businesses. I’d loveto see more of them also amongcreatives that are participating in Worth program.

Last year Koźmiński Business Hub presented the 1st edition report on Start-ups of positive influence. I wasone of the experts invitedto look through it before publishing and share my opinion. These start-ups are best examplethat you can develop your business followingthe 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and this is something I would like to convey to everyone who is doing business – it’s possible to do it!


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24 October 2019
European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency
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