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WORTH Partnership Project
News article27 June 2018European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency1 min read



WORTH is always on the lookout for initiatives that alight with our aim to assist SME enterprisers and creative entrepreneurs within the design and creative industry and are therefore inspired by the work of Belgium-based initiative The Creative Ring.

The Creative Ring facilitates the new generation of entrepreneurs and creative individuals gathered in a diverse set of urban “tribes”, by enabling a European-wide, technology-supported experimental ecosystem for creative talents, professionals and stakeholders working in and with the Creative Industries.

The Creative Ring is specifically directed at supporting creative entrepreneurs, innovators and other stakeholders in the Creative Industries in embracing the opportunities of the digital transition that characterises European societies of today. The group is organised as a network of networks, unfolding at the intersection of the local and European level.

By igniting relations between local creative actors, open creative ecosystems are encouraged to emerge, which then again are assembled within a European network of creative ecosystems. They have an extremely inspiring ambition to boost the competitiveness and the digital transformation of the Creative Industries in Europe; increasing urban innovation as a transformation engine towards a more inclusive and smarter society; generating a mentality shift encouraging entrepreneurship and transmitting the start-up mentality into society; establishing a constant dialogue with politically, economically and socially relevant institutions across Europe.

By creative individuals engaging with the Creative Ring, they will be exposed to virtual and physical meetings, be able to create new business and innovations models and practices, gather new knowledge, novel organisational forms, as well as services, solutions and products that are able to scale and accelerate through the link to the European industry. The Creative Ring allows members to quickly identify partners for research and innovation projects, co-create digital tools, business solutions, and exploit other collaborative opportunities, providing members with great opportunities for visibility and success.

To find out more about The Creative Ring you can find there website here.


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27 June 2018
European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency
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