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WORTH Partnership Project
News article25 June 2018European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency



WORTH has had an extremely exciting month in regards to the WORTH Partnership Project, one of the many ways we have grown is through the new members of our ambassadors team. We have had an amazing increase in our support team on top of the members who have been with WORTH from the very beginning.

With the addition of these industry professionals, we are able to offer the Partnership Project winners even more support in regards to participation in international events, professional links and access to an innovative community to kick-start their original design ideas. We are honored to present the following new members of the WORTH ambassador panel with their vast range of differing experiences and careers that will catapult winning projects into the professional realm.

Jorge Cerveira Pinto: International innovation expert & AID executive director

Jorge is an international innovation expert and is currently the executive director of AID (Assoc. Inovação Design – Portugal), since 2010 he has been the European Commission expert and external consultant in the fields of innovation, creativity and creative economy as well as collaborating with the Design and Craft Councils of numerous European countries. Jorge has a large range of experiences that can be fully discovered through his WORTH Profile here.

Louise Allen: Head of innovation and development at the design & crafts council of Ireland

Louise is the Head of Innovation and Development at the Design & Crafts Council of Ireland and from 2014 was the Head of International Programmes for Irish Design 2015. She has a wide range of experience within the creative industry including the co-curation of the Liminal-Irish Design at the threshold, the flagship exhibition for Irish Design 2015 that toured to design weeks in Milan, New York and Eindhoven. To find out more about her amazing work and experiences follow the link to her profile here.

Modalisboa: Organizer of Lisboa fashion week

ModaLisboa is a multidisciplinary project, with the mission to promote the development of Portuguese Fashion nationally and internationally. ModaLisboa is the organizer of Lisboa Fashion Week, a unique communication platform, which showcases the collections of Portuguese Fashion Designers and international guest designers, with the mission to disseminate the best national fashion to the world.

Gabriella Mányi: President of the National Fashion League Hungary Association (NDL)

Dr.Gabriella Mányi Walek offers her knowledge from a vast range of experiences in the textile, garment and fashion industry with a high regard for non-for profit companies. Since 2004, she has been the President of the National Fashion League Hungary Association (NDL). She created and Eco Team in this Association to promote the designers acting with eco conscious and innovative solutions in 2015. She has also been working as a Fashion Revolution’s country coordinator in Hungary in an effort to better the fashion industry. Read all about her experience through her profile here.

Blanka Kolago-Szymczak: Founder and editor-in-chief of slow fix blog

Blanka has been a writer and activist with the experience of 10 years in PR for professional services including; law firms, executive search and private banking, now she is trying to redefine what it means to live green. Her various topics include sustainable fashion, conscious business, social justice, eco beauty, wellness and green technology. She started Slow Fix Blog in 2016, which collaborates with passionate experts from around the world to cover the latest in green intelligence. Read all about her amazing collection of experiences through her profile here.

Mirela Bogyó: Transylvania textile & Fashion Cluster

Mirela has a wealth of knowledge to offer with her degree in economics and business administration and a Master’s degree in business development management; she has also acquired multiple certificates from known institutions on cluster management, SME instruction, developing entrepreneurial culture, etc. She has been cluster manager for the establishment of The Cluster and has successfully increased their presence within the industry to enable her to assist young designers. Read more about her inspiring contributions through her WORTH Profile here.


We are extremely honoured to have the new members of the ambassadors on top of the existing members to offer the WORTH Partnership Project winners the best assistance possible to ensure their path to success.

For further information on WORTH Partnership Project members click here.


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25 June 2018
European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency
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