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WORTH Partnership Project
News article25 July 2018European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency2 min read



WORTH is blown away by the growth we have had within the past few months and the increase in professional personal to our WORTH ambassadors team, on top of the already amazing mentors and Steering Board members. The growth has amplified the assistance which is on offer to all past and future applicants of the WORTH Partnership Project.

It is therefore with pleasure that we introduce the new ambassadors and their amazing professional expertise:

Roberto Vdović: President and Co-Founder Of First Fablab In Croatia

Roberto is an architect, educator, scientist, entrepreneur and president of FabLab in Zagreb, Croatia. Fablab aims to develop digital fabrication for a broad spectrum of industrial applications, including digital craftmanship in fields of creative industries. Roberto has an extensive experience in 3D printing as he is a pioneer in the implementation of desktop 3D printing in Croatia. His broad range of professional experiences covers education challenges and local community engagement through the implementation of new digital technologies merged with traditional techniques, craftmanship methodologies, and skills. He is also involved in both national and international networks of innovators and creatives, which leads him to build meaningful connections across Europe and particularly in the Balkan countries through his participation in several EU-funded initiatives including VULCA Initiative. Find our more about his work through his profile here

Nelly Hayek: Business Developer, Coordinator of ACTE and Founder of The Creative Cluster Innovation Hub Väst

Nelly is a business developer based in the City of Borås, Sweden. Coordinator of the European Textile Collectivities Association (ACTE) and Founder of the Creative Cluster Innovation Hub Väst. ACTE’s mission is to carry the European textile, clothing, leather, footwear, and fashion accessories industries into the future, while preserving the interests of its members – both territorial collectivities and adherent organisations. Creative Cluster is a forum where people from the creative and cultural industries meet and discuss new forms of collaboration. She represented the Borås Stad Business Development Unit. The work started 2012 with the first goal to formalise this forum in creating an association 2014. Now creative cluster is a successful association with more than 70 partners and members. Find out more about her work here

Centre For Creativity: Interdisciplinary Platform for Slovenia’s Creative Sector

Centre for Creativity is an interdisciplinary platform that connects, promotes, presents and supports the activities and development of Slovenia’s cultural and creative sector (CCS). Their various programs aim to assist the growth of the sectors and forging collaborations between the CCS and business, science, education and other sectors. Centre for Creativity operates within Museum of Architecture and Design and is co-financed by European Union from European Regional Development Fund and by Republic of Slovenia. Find out more about what they do here

For further information on WORTH Partnership Project members click here.


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25 July 2018
European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency
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