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WORTH Partnership Project
News article15 November 2018European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency



It was great to get to know our WORTH Steering Board Member Kostantyn Kofta through an interview. Kostantyn is a Ukrainian fashion designer who has studied at Central Saint Martins University of the Arts and in 2010 established his own fashion brand titled Kofta

Kpstantyn has also been involved in numerous events, exhibitions and awards. We wanted to find out more about his work and experiences in the fashion industry to see what he will offer past and future WORTH Partnership Project participants:

You have your own fashion brand titled Kofta, can you tell us a bit about the philosophy behind the brand and what made you start up your own company?

The brand philosophy expresses the pursuit for a perfect implementation of an imperfect medium. That means we are fond of using the familiar forms with unfamiliar appliances.
Our goal is to find the most functional multifaceted social self-expression method as well as to introduce art into daily life.

The WORTH Partnership Project brings together creatives and entrepreneurs from all over Europe to create innovative design-driven concepts. Being a part of this, why is it important for the industry?

It is important because this is one of those chances to change the world as a whole and to expose to the world what’s fading out with no appropriate funding.

There are many Partnership Projects that are focusing on producing garments in various forms, what would you like these partnerships to consider when developing and eventually producing them?

There are few things that must be considered:

  • production capacities;
  • innovations in manufacturing techniques or materials the company applies;
  • talented designer presence (which is crucial and often omitted by the manufacturers and leads to production of a high quality, studied product, but can be unsightly, ugly, or not a competitive product);
  • proper marketing, which is an inalienable important point in today’s world. Informativeness. No one wants to purchase empty products. Customers demand full information through the logo, fonts, prints, personal style, etc. The stories. The whole mood, everything that the company produces.

Find out more information about Kostantyn Kofta through his profile here.


Publication date
15 November 2018
European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency
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Worth News