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WORTH Partnership Project
News article25 November 2019European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency2 min read



We are happy to inform you that the 3rd call for applications came to an end last week with successful participation results. The applicants resulted in 168 project proposals received, which involved over 350 partners from 33 EU-COSME associated countries. There were 188 partnerships formed in design, 94 in SME manufacturing/crafting, and 71 in tech. Our applicants span all over europe with the largest part coming from Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and Germany followed by the UK, France and Portugal.

Over the course of 3 years of calls (2017-2019) we’ve had a total 987 applicants  from 36 EU-Cosme countries, with a large part, about 45% of applicants in the Textile and Fashion sector. Over the years we’ve accumulated over 2,000 registered partners and have had a significant growth rate since the first call. The majority of eligible project proposals fell within the categories of textile and fashion (50%), furniture/home decoration (27%) and acessories (14%). The themes of the project proposal were very diverse but in order to be eligible the project proposal summaries had to address:

  • Relevant societal challenges including the circular economy/resource efficiency
  • Reinventing craftsmanship and cultural preservation
  • Rethinking social innovation/social inclusion
  • Smart/high-performance material
  • Advanced digitized manufacturing value chains and business models.
  • High value added solutions for attractive growth markets

Third call applicants will receive feedback on the status of their applications and finalists will be provided with guidelines to prepare a successful participation in the WORTH Weekend event, where they will have the opportunity to present their projects, exchange knowledge and receive specialized advice on their project implementation.

During the pre-selection stage and in the case of being considered necessary, experts will have the faculty to suggest online meetings with applicants to further discuss specific aspects about their project ideas. If so, the WORTH implementing team, alongside the experts, will manage such meetings and applicants will be informed accordingly with enough notice given.

The evaluation process carried out by our renowned Steering Board experts will now begin  to select the winning projects that will pave the way for an innovative future. The evaluation process is divided into two stages, the pre-selection and the final assessment.

The pre-selection will result in a shortlist of finalists to be announced in January 2020. The finalist partnerships will be invited to join the final assessment WORTH Weekend 2020 event to take place in the beautiful city of Valencia, Spain which will occur in early March 2020, dates are yet to be determined. The WORTH Weekend event is the last step of the evaluation process where the Steering Board of experts will reach a verdict of the final list of projects proposed to receive funding.

Stay tuned for more updates as we will communicate more news on our blog and social channels!


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25 November 2019
European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency
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