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Seasoned Investor & Mentor, Serial Entrepreneur, and Sports Enthusiast with a track record in successful startup exits and a passion for fostering global entrepreneurship

Niko Klansek

Niko Klansek
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Niko Klansek is a seasoned investor, mentor, and serial entrepreneur with a rich tradition of entrepreneurship. From a young age, he cultivated a passion for business innovation, nurtured by a family heritage of entrepreneurial endeavors. Over the years, Niko has co-founded several successful startups, generating impressive results, including two lucrative exits. His keen eye for business opportunities has also led him to invest in a diverse array of startups and Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs), amplifying their success stories. Before stepping into the entrepreneurial world, Niko was an accomplished basketball player, where he honed his competitive spirit by winning multiple national championships in Slovenia. He further applied his leadership skills as the president of a professional basketball club. At present, Niko is a founding member of Kenmare DAO, an investment fund specializing in early-stage Web3 and blockchain projects. His entrepreneurial spirit extends into the formation of the BizMe organization, a global platform aimed at promoting entrepreneurship and empowering budding entrepreneurs across borders. Beyond his professional pursuits, Niko is fueled by a love for sports, travel, art, and horticulture, particularly growing tropical plants from pit to fruit. His journey has taken him across continents; living, studying, and working in various cultural environments of the EU, USA, and Asia, each enriching his global perspective and influence.