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WORTH Partnership Project

Digital Patchwork

Striking patchwork-like textile surfaces

Digital Patchwork

The message of the project

Digital patchwork is about giving something that isn't considered valuable new appreciation and beauty. Cut-offs are transformed into new, startling patchwork-like textile surfaces using felting processes and the reinforcement of digitally assisted stitching.

Digital Patchwork

The idea behind the project 

Today, cut-pattern leftover textiles account for 15% of all textile waste. 'Digital Patchwork' adds additional value to current garment waste by transforming pattern cut-offs into new textile surfaces and reintroducing them into fashion collections. 'Digital Patchwork' is a recycling approach that is available as a bespoke solution for companies looking to significantly reduce their environmental footprint while also generating fresh, distinct visual expressions.

A New Kind of Blue (DE) intends to create a new technique to produce beautiful and distinctive recycled textiles in conjunction with artisan Marian Verdonk (NL). This unique collaboration provides the experience required to create high-quality textile prototypes and adaptive step-by-step manufacturing procedures for Digital Patchwork.

Digital Patchwork

What next?

Acousme (Marian Verdonk) will work with Tim and Sandra to create numerous felting samples from waste fabrics in order to find the best parameters for making a larger-sized fabric. The felting results will be transferred to digital embroidery locations to strengthen the scraps and make the material stronger. Together with a possible local fashion business, they will investigate how this cloth may be used in their next seasons.

In general, 'Digital Patchwork' promotes creativity and an open perspective in how they deal with resources in the design and fashion sectors. Recycled fabrics may be as dependable, durable, and high-quality as new textiles while providing an aesthetic distinctiveness and a meaningful tale. As the use of primary resources is optimised, customers can be provided practical clothes and fashion items made from recycled textile materials, resulting in more sustainable consumption and healthier, safer living conditions. Labels are not required to invest in new materials, but rather in ones that they currently have.

In this way, ‘Digital Patchwork’ provides material inclusion in a process in which fashion labels are asked to collaborate. Digital Patchwork connects culture, technology, innovation, and design by reviving ancient craft processes in a modernised approach.

Digital Patchwork



A New Kind of Blue