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WORTH Partnership Project

Digital Threads

Furniture that reconnects people with craft and the manufacturing process

Digital Threads

The message of the project

'Digital Threads' reintroduces people to craft and how things are made. They provide them with the opportunity to own a lovely piece of furniture that they built themselves while learning a new skill.

Digital Threads

The idea behind the project

Materea Industries, Kyriakoula Begiazi, and Marianna Piar both participated in iAtelier, a residency organised by Crafting Europe and Fundesarte to merge digital fabrication, design, and craft.

They sought to make furniture with a structural aspect that mixed digital production with handweaving. They experimented with traditional weaving processes by employing technology such as 3D printing and CNC milling. Finally, they chose to employ CNC machining to create the components of a chair, seat, and backrest that are curved with the kerfing process and kept together by tensioned woven cables.

Digital Threads

What next? 

Since the initial prototype, there have been technological challenges to overcome, parts to design, and the best way to communicate their product through branding and packaging, to name a few.

What they like most about the programme is that it reconnects individuals with craft and the manufacturing process. They provide children with the opportunity to possess a beautiful piece of furniture that they created themselves while learning a new skill.

They will deliver a wonderful piece of furniture that the customer can customise to their liking.

Their chair is made of natural wood, cotton, and recycled PET cables. It will be delivered flatpack, decreasing the shipping footprint and allowing any component to be replaced without replacing the complete chair, prolonging its lifespan even further.

Digital Threads
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Kyriakoula Begiazi, architect, furniture designer and maker


Mariana Piñar, textile artist


Materea Industries, digital fabrication experts