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WORTH Partnership Project

Folkalist: Fulfilling Fashion's Potential

Folkalist is the easiest way to discover, connect and get involved with collaborative projects, anywhere


The key message of the project

Big or small, local or global, commercial or not, projects need people to make progress. We believe that putting projects at the centre is the best way to help you find the best fit.

We want to enable more projects to succeed, more collaborations that work, and more people doing what they love.  We imagine a world where more human potential is liberated, and we believe it starts with helping your projects grow.

The Idea behind the project

Are you a self-starter with a project that needs help from talented folk with complementary skills and experience so it can grow? On Folkalist we make it easier to find these skilled folk, who share a passion for your project, and want to work together to bring it to life.

Would you consider yourself a skilled collaborator, looking for exciting projects to get involved with?

Join Folkalist to find projects that match with your skills, knowledge, interests, and passions, and connect with folk behind those projects, so you can get involved and collaborate.

Using Al to power its smart-matching algorithm, Folkalist helps find a better fit between projects and contributors, faster. The platform is designed to give projects a voice, helping them find the right collaborators, contributors and community.

Available now  in the App Store and Google Play: Folkalist #Projectyourpassion


How does your project contribute to the New European Bauhaus Initiative?

At its very core, Folkalist is about providing accessibility to projects and collaborators, anywhere. Our goal is to democratise collaboration by establishing this platform where projects have thorough representation, communication, and a community to connect with collaborators. Our freemium business model makes it free/affordable to access, in line with our mission for inclusivity. We hope the byproduct of this platform leads to a safer and more supportive culture for project creation & collaboration, so people have more autonomy to pursue projects they care about. We believe we can foster a sustainable model for project collaboration that leverages the sharing economy, and in turn cultivate a culture for more sustainable consumption. Our app was designed with aesthetics in mind with a beautiful brand identity, design language, and user experience — highlighting the beautiful creations of the folk on our platform. However, ultimately the real beauty we are seeking to establish is to create a world where people feel liberated to pursue projects they're passionate about, together.

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Ryan Clott


Igor Jocic

United Kingdom