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WORTH Partnership Project

Framiore Capsule Collection

An alternative to fast fashion and cheap clothing

Framiore Capsule

The message of the project

Through sustainable consumerism, Framiore Capsule wants to boost the lifetime value of women's wardrobes.

Framiore Capsule

The idea behind the project

They identify three major issues in today's women's fashion market in Belgium and the EU:

1. Women are motivated and pushed by big fast fashion and mid-market businesses to spend at least four times per year on wardrobe renewal.

2. Ways to validate "sustainable" claims from market brands are restricted and confined to merely marketing claims, while consumers do not comprehend what they need to do as fashion consumers to decrease their impact on the environment.

3. They perceive a misunderstanding of what sustainable consumption entails. It is not just shopping at premium pricing from businesses that make promises, but also the clothes' lifetime value, purchasing fewer things, repairs, a trade-in programme, and a clear end-of-life point.

The Framiore Capsule Concept will apply men's wardrobe principles to women's workday fashion. The capsule will include a limited quantity of iconic shirts, trousers, and skirts with customised clothing pieces (collars, textiles, sleeves, etc.) The capsule is intended to be seasonless and constructed outside of seasonal trends, so it will neither encourage or incentivize consumers to repurchase.

The Capsule's goal is to raise the lifetime worth of women's wardrobes via sustainable consumerism. It will be accomplished by offering women clients a sustainable market option and by keeping them informed about the genuine utilisation of their clothes. Their brand's repair and trade-in programme will assure recyclability and a longer garment lifetime.

The potential for innovation resides in the use of data to demonstrate the actual use of items in the particular closet. They will use technology to help buyers through an examination of which things provide the most value in terms of "cost per use," and which goods are worth investing in as a specific high-quality garment.

The desired outcome is less waste in consumer wardrobes and seasonal collection developments. It will be established by prolonging a garment's lifetime and securing its end-of-life via the trade-in programme. They will assist women in purchasing less outfits for their working lifestyle.

They are currently collecting information to have a better knowledge of their target audience and developing important messaging to send to their consumers.

They will be able to construct the first Capsule collection and incorporate technology solutions on our website to evaluate your garment use and purchase customised pieces thanks to Worth Project funding and network.

Framiore provides an alternative to fast fashion and cheap clothing. Their clothing is carefully created in Ukraine using a sustainable and ethical manufacturing system.

Olha Hnativ will work as a Business Designer and Product Manager for Framiore Capsule, a business that is building a new strategy based on customer requirements studies. Olha will create the business model, implement the commercialization strategy, and manage the product development strategy. As prior collaboration has shown, their relationship is complimentary since Olga has expertise in strategic planning and advertising, and they are strong in product development and manufacturing.

Framiore Capsule

What next?

The approach includes producing the first capsule and bringing it to market through the brand's website. Essentially, they want to produce a minimum viable version (MVP) of one product to test their hypotheses before releasing the complete capsule collection.

The next step will involve data collecting, analysis, and the creation of further product and user strategies.  In this approach, they want to create a genuinely sustainable and responsible platform that allows consumers to spend less money on garments while growing their wardrobe based on data collecting and the ability to design your dream item.

Framiore Capsule
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