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WORTH Partnership Project

Future from the Past - A “farm-to-closet” pathway for local textile economiest

Providing new meaning to local craftsmanship

Future from the past


With the example of our launch collection, we show how we can address distinct challenges of sustainable production. We believe it is vital to produce at a more local level and shorten supply chains if we seriously intend to tackle climate change and environmental pollution. And we understand the urgency to prevent European craftsmanship from going extinct and preserve time-tested traditions and local knowledge.

As a proof of concept, we have designed a three- part collection of sheepskin products that combine local resources and artisanal craft, mindful production processes, and timeless, high-quality design. With it, we are prototyping a new “farm- to-closet” pathway for local textile economies.

Local Supply Chains

We reduce C02 emissions by removing long global supply chains through a fully localized production – from ground to garment. It enables us to maintain close contact with all our partners and to oversee the production processes at any time. We thereby support the flourishing of the local economy and limit our ecological footprint.

Future from the past

Under-Utilzed Material

We work exclusively with natural materials from the Alpine region. Here, local raw materials such as flax or hemp have a long tradition, and we aim to help promote and revive their usage. Other materials like wool and animal hides accumulate as by-products from the food industry and are disposed of because there is currently no demand for them. We intend to show the possibilities of these materials by creating accessibility via beautiful design and promoting their usage.

Future from the past

Craft Preservatio

In recent decades, more and more knowledge about local fibres and crafts has disappeared. With the example of our project, we aim to prevent European craftsmanship from going extinct and preserve time-tested traditions and local knowledge. By reviving the local economy, we keep the value created within the communities and support a wide range of local European SMEs. We are creating a new market for traditional, local crafts by developing timeless, high-quality designs.

Future from the past

The Fibershed Approach

We follow the guidelines of the Fibershed movement as they address sustainability in a far-reaching and impactful way. As active members, we have access to an extensive network of knowledge and producers.

Based on regenerative agriculture and local production, the Fibershed approach protects the health of our biosphere and guarantees full traceability of all materials and manufacturing processes. The Fibershed soil-to-soil model allows for enhanced circularity and helps build healthy soil. By reviving indigenous knowledge, these methods are essential for our times.

Future from the past

About Future From The Past

Future From The Past is a sustainability consultancy and creative agency advising SMEs and other stakeholders on producing ethically, locally, and fully traceable in the Alpine regions.

We do this by looking at the existing product portfolio and processes and optimizing where we identify leverage for integrating sustainable, local, and traceable strategies. We support clients from the initial design idea to the production of their products and the development of authentic and effective communication for their sustainability efforts through branding and campaigns. In addition, we share our knowledge of local natural materials, product design and development, and sustainability communication in workshops and lectures to create further impact.

Future from the past
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