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WORTH Partnership Project


Small home items and furniture made from new, sustainable materials



GEOM is a collection of objects and small furniture designed by Sára Kele and developed by Marion Duzan and Laurence Saugé.

The forms, inspired by the Bauhaus movement and Suprematism, express confidence, stability, and tranquility. The objects’ unity lies in their representation of an incomplete circle, creating an opening to new possibilities. The clean, timeless lines bring singular materials to the forefront, continuing the tradition of the Boutures objects: Two new innovative and durable materials - made of shell fragments and linen fibers - join the collection.

The story

GEOM stems from the encounter of three women, Sára Kele, Marion Duzan, and Laurence Saugé, united by a common passion for ecodesign and the creation of objects from sustainable and innovative materials.

“We aim to contribute to the development of material innovations by demonstrating that sustainable materials can be within reach and suitable for everyday objects.”

Our purpose was to explore natural, biosourced materials that combine durability with a limited environmental impact over the products' life cycle.”



Designed to combine aesthetics and functionality, this vase is composed of two elements: a cut glass bottle that slips and fades into a block of contrasting surfaces, between smooth roundness and pearly shell terrazzo.

This object highlights the know-how of the French company Malàkio, which imagines materials made of revalued shells (oysters, mussels, and scallops), a mineral binder, and plant pigments. The slow manufacturing process ensures a unique quality and includes a drying process without energy-use.


GEOM Table

Inspired by László Moholy Nagy and Kazimir Malevitch, this half-finished circle with subtly broken lines builds on the European heritage of Bauhaus and Suprematism.

Elegant, rigid, and light with a regular and smooth surface, its specks reveal its natural essence: a biobased material made from flax and biopolymer with a cork core.

It is the first piece of furniture made with Kairlin®, which is produced in Normandie, France, with locally grown flax with limited use of water and fertilizers.

It was originally developed by Roland Jourdain, a French skipper who was seeking a light, yet strong, biobased material for the interior design of his race catamaran We-Explore for the Rhum Race 2022.



This project is a winner of WORTH II Partnership Projects, a competition that aims to inspire innovation through creative connections across Europe. The objective of this program is to develop innovative, design-driven products that contribute to global challenges, accelerating green and digital transitions and related transformations in the European economy, industry, and society.

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  • WORTH Partnership Projects II
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  • 1st Call Projects
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  • Furniture - Home Decoration
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  • New European Bauhaus



Sára Kele


Laurence Saugé


Marion Duzan