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WORTH Partnership Project


Fashion E-Commerce platform that uses exclusively digital technologies to promote outstanding clothing and accessories


The message of the project

GRMNT is a brand-new fashion E-Commerce platform which relies exclusively on digital technology for the marketing of outstanding clothing and accessories, with a keen interest in providing tech driven solutions for the fashion industry. They want to be the first ones to blur the line between digital and physical garments by offering both in the same online space.  


The idea behind the project 

The main issue with the fashion industry is the prohibitively expensive starting point. To reach their audience and market, you must organise and develop exhibitions, locate manufacturing solutions, and invest substantially, with no guarantee of success.

GRMNT is attempting to reduce the entry point to an all-time low by utilising technology to reduce sample expenses (both time and money), marketing costs, and production/distribution costs. This implies that the industry will be represented by new and exceptionally skilled young designers like never before. They are introducing cutting-edge technology to the design and presentation of fashion clothes, with the goal of reducing the time spent on design, production, and marketing.

The partners’ skill in creating 3D clothing complements the atelier's capacity to make them precisely, and the idea has matured as a result of their collaboration.


What next?

The idea is to fill a void that has never been filled before. The project's goal is to assist 3D fashion designers and conventional designers in bringing real-world products to market, developing their own brands under their roof, and eventually positioning themselves as both a digital and physical store for unique goods. It's a collaborative method with limitless marketing possibilities in the field because each merchant will bring their own audience to them and vice versa.



Material Possession LTD

United Kingdom