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WORTH Partnership Project


The Future-Proof Kidswear


The message of the project

HISHKA RePrint is a line of sustainable print-based kidswear for HISHKA brand.

HISHKA is a circular and sustainable proposal - a brand and a universe based on respect for #HUMAN, #ART, #NATURE. 

It is an honest and bold invitation to lower environmental impact in a playful, clever, and circular way. HISHKA's superpower is creating fashion forward, gender inclusive kidswear from pre-loved garments and discarded materials.
"HISHKA – BETTER THAN NEW" is the project's slogan.

The idea behind the project

With the intent of reducing the environmental impact by developing an innovative creative solution adressing primarly the preloved kidswear market, the process behind the project adds value, extends the life cycles, and gives the clothing a new identity.
By merging multiple sustainable design techniques with contemporary fashion system concepts under one identity, they rethink and challenge the way fashion brands could be created and positioned.

Driven by the idea of building a zeitgeist-relevant and sustainable fashion brand, the creative process is founded on three key pillars, three lines: RE_VIVED, RE_TOUCHED, RE_MADE. They propose a model where design, recycling, upcycling, thrifting, curating and styling work together as one entity. Within this process they redefine the way of looking at old or new clothing and reinvent the rules of composing a contemporary fashion collection.

Their process necessitates a high level of ingenuity, inventiveness and adaptability. They are a collaboration of three partners: fashion designers, style and image experts, and printing specialists. They intend to create a scalable product with a strong identity in order to reach a worldwide audience.

HISHKA RePrint collection consists of series of items digitally printed with water based pigments using environmentaly-friendly procedures and the latest technology. The garments are made from leftovers of one of the oldest Slovenian blanket manufacturer, preloved kidswear garments and upcycled thrifted denim. The collection is created and produced to prove and validate the bold idea of the new Hishka brand.


What next?

The HISHKA RePrint collection will join the market as the first line of products within the new HISHKA brand.
They aspire to ensure long-term growth and have a large sustainable and creative effect in the future. They want HISHKA to be synonymous with sustainable fashion desicions and signature design, the first thought when your child outgrows his or her wardrobe or when you consider purchasing sustainable children's clothes.

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