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WORTH Partnership Project


Live cladding with light and sound for interior architecture, furniture and art


The project

iMorfé arises from the Darwinian concept of adapting the individual to the environment and proposes an investment of roles: That it is the medium that suits the viewer, in an environment conditioned by Information overload and infoxication, reinforcing the individual identity.
Its design based on originami, ancestral paper folding technique, will be done by hand and then integrated into a set with technology based on music, light and movement, giving it the ability to react. All this, carried out mostly in ecological materials, bringing sustainability by flag and returning mostly where nature belongs.



The concept came about while designing a hotel with the idea of change and movement, the Panta Rei. Along with this I began to design furniture that changed shape, illuminated, and whispered, and one of them was inspired by origami and hence a covering. I thought that everything that is offered to us in that field, although they exist in 3D, are static, and I wanted to offer something alive, dynamic, that told a story. Hence along with an excursion to the field and after finding several ladybugs on top of me after a nap, I remembered Darwin, and that nature does not adapt to man. With this I achieved the reverse process to reflect on this aspect, without, of course, destroying it along the way, hence our commitment to sustainability and that everything used be recyclable or recycled, together with corporate social responsibility for the coating.

i-Morfé - image 1

The idea arises by inverting the roles of Darwin’s proposal of the adaptation of the individual to the environment. This time it is the environment that adapts to the individual and their needs. With iMorfé, the aim is to turn the viewer into the protagonist, and to give them a place of rest and away from stress for a few minutes. That is my main challenge, in an infoxicated environment and under continuous stress, to offer a place of rest and calm to stop.

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The main challenge has sometimes been to explain the idea itself. I developed a prototype with three layers, mechanics, and two coatings. Once they understood it, the next challenge was the design of the mobile part, with the limitations and requirements of the part to which it is intended, to later reduce the electronic and mechanical part to make it manageable.
Subsequently, make the covering material meet certain conditions of rigidity, elasticity, resistance and be sustainable, recycled and recyclable. It is not easy to find such materials or suppliers capable of producing it. Finally, I decided to combine them.


Working as a team and in different fields offers above all lateral thinking, with fields so diverse we realized the great possibilities that other sectors give us to go further and tell other stories with iMorfé. Each of those involved has knowledge in a certain field, being almost multidisciplinary. We have had and consulted with experts in other fields and subjects until we get closer to the prototype that we currently have, and that is due to teamwork and diversity of ideas.

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I believe that iMorfé has a place in the future within many branches: Advertising, the plastic arts sector and in environments that require a space away from stress and noise such as airports, hotels, exhibitions, artistic installations and the like, even as a work plastic. Almost from the beginning I considered integrating artificial intelligence for stress measurement, to know the state of each person in our space to make it more personalized, and in the current situation it becomes even more necessary. In the current phase, it is still necessary to find an inverter to improve the prototype, but we do not doubt that it will come when we show and explain what it consists of live.


There is no doubt that transversal projects such as iMorfé benefit from a multitude of points of view and branches of specialization, and collaboration and teamwork are the only way to overcome challenges and be able to offer a different and innovative product, learning how Individual professionals on the way to interact with other fields. Undoubtedly, in order to tell more complex stories at an artistic and conceptual level, the collaboration of a great team is
necessary, and we can go further.

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