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WORTH Partnership Project

Jewelry Skills

Creativity and skills sharing in contemporary jewelry making. Inspiring discovery through creativity.

Jewelry Skills

The message of the project

Creativity can serve as a catalyst for growth, transformation, and exploration in individuals' lives. Jewelry Skills is an educational initiative designed for creative individuals interested in various aspects of jewelry making, design, freelancing, and more. The project aims to establish an online learning and networking platform that draws inspiration from local culture, traditions, craftsmanship, knowledge, and creativity. By collaborating with partners, educators, and creators from around the world, the project envisions the creation of a forward-looking community rooted in heritage and tradition.

A diverse network of individuals with different backgrounds and skill sets has already been assembled to enrich the platform with a multidisciplinary curriculum, blending creativity with technology and innovation.

The project is founded on a three-dimensional framework encompassing the past, present, and future of jewelry:

  • JEWELRY TRADITION, embracing cultural heritage and craftsmanship.
  • SUSTAINABILITY IN JEWELRY, focusing on recycled materials, sustainable sourcing, and environmentally responsible practices.
  • JEWELRY AND SCIENCE, exploring intersections with robotics, artificial intelligence, digitization, and other technological advancements.

The idea behind the project

The Jewellery Skills platform aims to establish an online learning and networking environment. It draws upon local culture, traditions, craft, knowledge, and creativity in its teachings. By collaborating with international partners, lecturers, and creators, the project is creating a forward-looking community deeply rooted in heritage and tradition. The platform benefits from a diverse network with varied backgrounds to develop a multi-disciplinary curriculum that incorporates creativity and technology.

Recognizing the tactile nature of jewelry design, the core team, the founders, is actively pursuing a physical space for Jewellery Skills. This space will facilitate direct interaction with members and provide a venue for private and public events, lectures, and training sessions.

What next?

In addressing the challenges faced in the field of jewelry education, Jewellery Skills recognizes the abundance of unverified online classes, DIY courses taught by individuals lacking a solid background or education in jewelry, and expensive schools without relevant certifications. Navigating this complex landscape of options is a daunting task, making it difficult to invest time and money wisely.

The primary aim of the Jewellery Skills program is to fill this void in the jewelry design field. The project's main objective is to establish itself as the premier informal education provider in the jewelry domain, initially at the national level and eventually on an international scale. The ultimate vision is for Jewellery Skills to gain formal recognition as a legitimate form of education in the future.

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