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WORTH Partnership Project

Jîns 58.933

Combining biology, technology, and design to tackle the issue of denim waste

Jîns 58.933

The message of the project

Combining biology, technology, and design to tackle the issue of denim waste.

The idea behind the project

Jeans are today's fashion icon: approximately 1.2 billion pairs of jeans are bought globally each year. However, the production of denim has an enormous environmental impact, and recycling is insufficient. As a consequence, huge amounts of denim waste end up in landfills, and waterways get contaminated with textile waste.

To address the problem of denim waste, the idea is to mix biology, technology, and design. They are creating machines and scalable technologies to quickly turn denim waste into an innovative, circular, and stylish new denim fabric. This fabric will be transformed into a prototype collection of design products for the textile/design/fashion sector, demonstrating a trendy solution to the denim waste problem.

Jîns 58.933 is an interdisciplinary, cross-border European initiative that combines biotechnology with fashion, design, and handicraft. It arose from the idea that, with the advent of sustainability and the circular economy, we must reconsider our connection with (natural) resources. They think that scientists, artists, designers, artisans, and creatives are critical to this process; they work with and understand materials like no one else, and they are not hesitant to experiment with new, inventive materials and processes in order to shape the world of tomorrow. They believe that technology, innovation, and creativity will shape the fashion industry's future.

Jîns 58.933

What next?

Jeans are the one clothing item that everyone has in their wardrobe, regardless of gender, identity, ethnicity, age, or size, illustrating the fabric's democratic nature.

Jîns illustrates how sustainable design can be trendy, creative, fun, and cool. It motivates manufacturers and consumers to make alternate choices, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable, circular fashion/design future.

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