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WORTH Partnership Project

Jugošik upcycled lamp sculptures

Jugošik transforms vintage glass lampshades into stunning upcycled lighting creations by blending traditional glass making techniques and innovative LED technology.

Jugošik upcycled lamp sculptures

The message of the project

Jugošik {Yugochic} crafts upcycled lamp objects by reimagining the abundant cultural heritage of the Yugoslavian lamp industry. In contemporary times, vintage lamps often find themselves relegated to obscurity in our storage spaces or discarded in scrap heaps. Employing traditional glassmaking techniques, we merge two vintage lampshades and integrate an LED panel, softly illuminating them.

The fresh designs elevate the appeal of the existing lampshades, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality, while also fostering an emotional connection between consumers and the products. Many individuals still fondly recall the old Yugoslavian designs, and with a hint of nostalgia, they rediscover illuminated narratives and memories etched within these revitalized lighting creations.

The idea behind the project

The Jugošik design studio seamlessly blends contemporary design with the abundant cultural legacy of the Yugoslavian furniture and lighting industry, employing an innovative circular design approach. It's not always feasible to preserve and reuse entire objects. By disassembling them into individual elements and establishing a repository of still usable parts, components that would have otherwise been discarded now serve as a wellspring of inspiration.

Jugošik was established by Slovenian architect and designer Nina Savič in 2021. For the Worth II project, Nina has joined forces with glass artist Nathalie Flueckiger, based in Vienna, and LED panel production company QHub Lightec from Riga. Together, they are developing a product that seamlessly combines two or more glass lampshades and illuminates them with the latest LED technology. Moreover, the creation of exquisite lamp sculptures will be achievable through a participatory workshop format.

What next?

The project's aim is to delve into discarded lamps in various cities, unearthing the rich European lighting heritage. In addition to creating new design objects, namely 'Lamp sculptures,' the project is enthusiastic about imparting its zeal for the circular design approach through location-specific workshops. Participants in these workshops will craft their own upcycled lamps, delving into the creative possibilities of repurposed materials, while also delving into their collective and personal memories.

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WORTH Partnership Projects II
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Furniture - Home Decoration
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Reinventing craftsmanship



Nina Savič

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Nathalie Flückiger

Vienna, Austria

Vladislav Jaranov and Olga Voroncova (QHUB Lightec Europa, Ltd.)

Riga, Latvia