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WORTH Partnership Project

KinecTILES wooden interior panels

KinecTILES wooden interior panels

The message of the project

Wood ranks among the most favoured interior design materials, given its traditional, natural, and easily manufacturable properties. However, current interior wood cladding solutions mostly comprise flat or relief designs due to cutting and manufacturing processes. The KinecTILES project revolutionizes this by transforming two-dimensional veneer sheets into three-dimensional sculptural interior cladding panels. Leveraging digitalization techniques, these panels can be efficiently designed, shaped, and customized without extending the manufacturing duration.

The idea behind the project

Since 2016, Zsuzsanna has been blending kinetic art, optical art, and laser cutting with product design. Her work transforms sheet materials into intricate three-dimensional sculptures. Zsuzsanna has created cutting patterns and laser-cut prototypes, revealing new material characteristics like translucency, flexibility, motion, and volume during the process. Simple geometric patterns take on an organic, kinetic quality.

Building on this research, Zsuzsanna is collaborating with MATEREA, who share her interest in customized projects and possess expertise in bending plywood at various scales. Together, they will digitalize pattern generation, conduct further material tests, including wood-textile composites, and bring KinecTILES panels to a market-ready format.

What next?

The project's primary focus is hands-on development and meticulous detailing to showcase a finalized, market-ready product prototype at the Salone del Mobile 2024 in Milan. Partners anticipate receiving valuable feedback and exploring potential production collaborations at the event. Concurrently, they plan to create an automated digital system capable of adapting these elements to diverse interior requirements, providing customization as a service to clients.

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Zsuzsanna Horvath, designer


MATEREA, technology provider