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WORTH Partnership Project

M2M furniture (Made 2 Measure Furniture)

Development of a 3d printing process using lightweight material control to produce pieces of furniture

M2M furniture (Made 2 Measure Furniture)

The project

The project develops lightweight and mono-component furniture pieces produced on demand using 3D printing for the contract market with minimum material waste, by starting with polyurethane foam, the furniture, will be light, strong and flexible. The product will match customers’ expectations as regards fitting body ergonomics, creating different dimensions, shapes, seat density, back support, etc. and at the same time will introduce a new design process introducing a new designer furniture solution.



The Made 2 Measure stools are elegant pieces of furniture that seamlessly merge 2 opposite materials through one production process, combining the hardness and structural properties of concrete with the softness and ergonomic advantages of foam.
At first glance it may appear brutal and tough, not really comfortable as a seat, but once tested its texture will definitely be a surprise and invite you to stay.

M2M furniture - image 1
M2M furniture - image 2

The idea came during a project we developed for one of our customers. During our design process we were sculpting a foam mock-up in our workshop and faced out a need for a large scale and fast prototype production tool such as a large scale 3D printer.
Foam sculpting actually works by removing material from a block (subtractive process) . Adding material (additive process) is generally not envision with this type of material but expanding foam allows it. The idea was born!
We started by hacking an old regular scanner and then added an extra “Z” axis with a PU can attached on it.
In the meantime we attended an Worth presentation in Lille and decided to apply with this idea for a furniture manufacturing project.

M2M furniture - image 3

Directly after our selection we started building a 1 : 1 scale machine and envisioned huge potential for our new process.
Indeed, this new process permits on site furniture production, generate no more waste, is fast and allow large models …
After 4 month testing this new 3D process material we got lost …
Nothing went according to plan. It appeared difficult to print large models.
Luckily we got extra time and good support from Worth team to help us continuing investing in our original idea….
We re-started from scratch and ended up with a combined idea from an existing 3D printing concrete process combined with our 3D printed foam process (on a smaller scale).
The idea was saved : local production, no wasted time and made on demand furniture.

M2M furniture - image 4

From the beginning we decided to work with an historical partner: SDC Lab. We were already working together for more than a decade and we thought this would be a nice aventure to start together.
Les Acrobates is a design collective and we‘re naturally trusting collaboration more than single man ideas.
During this full year development SDC helped us by sharing their contacts, knowledge and contract furniture partners feedback.

M2M furniture - image 5
M2M furniture - image 6

We envision two possible ways for the rest of our collaboration. 
Introducing this 3 items collections as a starter range for contract furniture or starting to set up a new digital design production service becoming the first ondemand furniture platform.

M2M furniture - image 7

Together, we drive creativity with enthusiasm, know-how and wisdom to expand the boundaries of possibilities

M2M furniture - image 7
M2M furniture - image 8
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Les Acrobates®

Group of designers and process engineers, combining flexibility and requirement. Together, they drive creativity with enthusiasm, knowledge and wisdom. Working as industrial designers, for more than 10 years they have been developing creative processes, focused on making and validation by rapid user tests though prototypes. 

Les Acrobates®
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Platform for furniture development and privileged producer for the Quinze & Milan brand. Quinze & Milan is not a typical furniture label but an avant-garde platform for collaborations, a think tank and ideas factory, designs, visual culture, concepts and experiments. This specific approach has made Quinze & Milan a successful label.

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