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WORTH Partnership Project

Maïa x méson

Fashion line created from industrial textile waste

Maïa x méson
Credits: Shania Semeli

Message of the project

The goal of this project is to educate other companies (in Italy), particularly those that generate huge amounts of waste. To promote awareness among customers about overconsumption and the existence of a reconciliation between sustainability and style, as well as to provide them with a solution for better waste management and valorize their waste.

The idea behind the project 

The project brings together two forward-thinking companies: Maïa Archive, a product developer, and Méson, an upcycling brand. The goal is to give rise to collections made from industrial textile waste. This technique reduces Maa's environmental impact by giving Méson the leftovers made when producing for other clients.

As a result of this collaboration, Méson expands its product line and expertise in sustainable goods and processes.

Maïa and Méson collaborate on the creative process on a continuous basis. It is critical to go through the residual selection in order to identify the best and most appropriate materials for the Méson collections.

Working with other local producers and designers is also part of the product production process. Each result indicates a distinct process and set of participants. Upcycling is the process of adding value to materials that would otherwise be discarded and returning them to the consumption cycle. It is now the most environmentally friendly method of creating and manufacturing garments and accessories.

The project's goal is to develop upcycled items on a wider scale from Italian textile industrial waste through a network of local entrepreneurs in Brussels. The stated challenges they wish to solve with this project include the difficulty of making upcycling a replicable process, as well as the necessity to create productive networks in urban settings that can also be used to manage other local products and upcycling initiatives.

Maïa x méson
Credits: Hadrien Hanse
Maïa x méson
Credits: Hadrien Hanse

What next?

Méson x Maïa Archive partnership will result in the creation of their respective collections. They are now creating the first capsule made from knitwear remnants from Italian companies. They will then continue upcycling unused yarns and textiles from Maa Italian businesses' warehouses.

Maïa x méson
Credits: Chiara Canullo Stefanelli
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