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WORTH Partnership Project

MARTÍS X Zeefier

Responsible modular capsule collection coloured with seaweed

MARTÍS X Zeefier

The message of the project

Buy less, wear more, choose natural dyes, and positively impact the environment through your fashion choices.

The idea behind the project

BY MARTIS is a new sustainable fashion brand that specializes in modular women's clothing and detachable accessories. They were looking for partners to help them reduce their carbon impact and came across Zeefier. Zeefier's goal is to colour the textile world responsibly with dyes manufactured exclusively from seaweed.

The mission of this project is to design clothing pieces that can be combined in as many ways as possible, promoting versatility and reducing the need for excessive consumption.

Their final product is a capsule collection that consists of just 4 items: an oversized shirt, a dress, trousers, and a jacket. Thanks to the modular system, sleeves can be removed and mixed with different items from the collection, tops can be paired with different lower parts, and trousers can be transformed into shorts, resulting in over 30 unique outfit combinations. That means something new for each day of the month. Seaweed-dyed garments made from cotton and linen are gentle on the skin and the environment in which they reside.

MARTÍS X Zeefier

What next?

The MARTS X Zeefier line continues to expand with each new Zeefier colour, introducing new outfits and accessories that can be mixed and matched with other items from the BY MARTIS collection. The capsule collection will be an exclusive addition to the BY MARTIS collection and will be available for pre-orders to minimize waste. By purchasing from this collection, customers can reduce their initial spending while still obtaining stylish clothing options. Having more ways to wear fewer clothes promotes a smarter and more conscious approach to shopping. This makes each clothing item more valuable to the person wearing it, ultimately leading to a longer lifespan for the garments.

MARTÍS X Zeefier
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