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WORTH Partnership Project


A systemic approach to seed a  hemp value chain in Leicestershire in the UK, to produce natural, climate-positive products in England’s  historic textile county. MORPHO hemp-blended yarns and fabrics are now available for order.


The message of the project

Addressing climate change and seeking more sustainable approaches to production and consumption are pressing concerns in the contemporary era. This project provides solutions both at product and value-chain levels through:

  • The development of a new fabric for interiors, MORPHO, made of hemp grown in England blended with post-consumer recycled cashmere. It is fully traceable, circular, naturally fire-retardant, and carbon-sequestrating. MORPHO fabrics are offered on BLICK®, the modular and circular sofa made in Italy.
  • The creation of a visual model for a circular textile ecosystem, visualised through Giga-maps, which interlinks various value chains.


The idea behind the project

This project champions the potential of hemp, natural fibres, and agricultural practices within a systemic design framework. It aims to sequester CO2, enhance soil fertility, and establish additional revenue streams for farmers through carbon credits, all while safeguarding biodiversity.

The fashion and interior industries rely heavily on petrochemicals and unsustainable raw materials. There is a pressing need for diversification in textiles and improved disposal solutions. That's why the project has chosen to invest in industrial hemp, which presents numerous economic opportunities for creating climate-positive textiles and generating additional revenue streams for various industrial sectors, including agriculture and construction.

To achieve these goals, the project developed:

  • MORPHO, a tangible demonstration of the potential of hemp with seven fabrics developed and an establishment of a local and sustainable value-chain for the textile industry.
  • Two Giga-maps, which present information clearly and comprehensively, motivating future manufacturers and farmers to embrace a scaled-up process.
Projects Edition
  • WORTH Partnership Projects II
Project Call
  • 2nd Call Projects
Project Sector
  • Textile
Project Challenge
  • Circular Economy



Eliana Ferrulli, designer


Vanessa Barker, manufacturer - Papillon Bleu

United Kingdom